Kids start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. Children are encouraged to express thoughts and feelings freely and without judgment. At this age, they begin to investigate the workings of a widening world and experiment with the use of their emerging language. Anger, fear, sadness and other feelings are treated as a healthy and necessary part of life. At Kids Waves …a Modern Play School teachers are trained to help children find safe physical, verbal and creative outlets for their emotions.


Kids Waves …a Modern Play School curriculum enables your child to grow in confidence and learn to walk tall in his new world. From first steps to first words, your toddler will begin to experience the world in new ways at Kids Waves …a Modern Play School.


Kids Waves …a Modern Play School program will help in the following manner:

  • Learning about body parts through songs and rhymes.
  • Gaining enhanced eye-hand coordination through writing, drawing, and lacing shoes.
  • Identifying and sorting basic shapes & colors.
  • Identifying numbers.
  • Developing strong listening skills through story telling.
  • Identifying and naming familiar items.
  • Learning to share and cooperate.
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We believe, every child is unique and has immense potential to excel. Therefore, it is important to identify a child’s developmental patterns and nurture his talent from a young age. In our pre nursery class we identify your child’s creative interests and foster inquisitiveness in him. Through various circle time and hands-on activities, the child develops an ability to learn and grasp concepts from his peers and the environment around him.


This class is an important stepping stone to higher levels of learning in life and forms the foundation of his personality. In this program, the teachers facilitate learning through Play way and Montessori style of education, enabling a child to learn and grow in a playful environment.

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We at Kids Waves believe in providing your child an unmatched learning experience. In the lovely ambiance and environment of Kids Waves, the child learns and plays.


We make tailored learning goals for the children, which are achieved through a balance of child-directed experiences, large group concept sharing, project-based adventures and small group teacher-directed skill development. All experiences are strategically embedded into the day to immerse children in meaningful learning and enhance their understanding of a wide range of concepts in a developmentally appropriate environment. The daily schedule balances time inside and outside the classroom as well as experiences in our specialty areas. The program ensures that children learn to read and write adeptly as they graduate to the next level of learning.


Kindergarten offers hands-on experience to a child in all aspects of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The unique and enabling environment at Kids Waves provides the child the ability to learn through experience and develop important life-skills.